The Authorship Program por Stephanie Lennox

Titulo del libro : The Authorship Program
Autor : Stephanie Lennox
The Authorship Program por Stephanie Lennox

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Stephanie Lennox con The Authorship Program

The Authorship Program® helps writers write successful books and lead successful lives through lessons in spirituality and personal development. Using holistic approaches and 15 guiding principles, it works through 100+ of the most common anxieties, insecurities and fears writers have around writing and the writing life.Liberate yourself from all forms of insecurityFind spiritual fulfilment in your career as a writerBe at peace with your destiny as a writerOwn the power you have to change and control your lifeIf you've ever found the writing life lonely, stressful or emotional - this is the book for you. It will help you overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from becoming the "whole writer" you were destined to be.

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