Rabbit Production por Nityanand Pathak,Uusha Rani Mehra

Titulo del libro : Rabbit Production
Autor : Nityanand Pathak,Uusha Rani Mehra
Rabbit Production por Nityanand Pathak,Uusha Rani Mehra

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Nityanand Pathak,Uusha Rani Mehra con Rabbit Production

Rabbit farming for fur, felt, fibre and meat production is well developed commercial venture in many countries. However, in Bharat it is still limited to backyard farming except few big farms in the Himachal Pradesh. Animal soft fibre production in the country is much less than the requirements of woolen clothes manufacturing mills. In spite of low feed requirement and easy management rabbit farming is growing at a very slow rate and we are importing large quantity of Angora rabbit wool annually. Few good books are available on the nutrition of rabbit but there appears to be the lack of a comprehensive book on rabbit production. Therefore, we attempted to prepare a comprehensive book covering all important aspects of rabbit production. Bharat is deficient in wool and meat production and expansion of rabbit farming will not only boost the production, it will be also a remunerative enterprise of more profit on low capital input. Rabbit production is also a course for the graduates of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry. This book has been designed to cover the syllabus of the universities and reference book for the rabbit farmers. The text has been arranged in ten chapters comprised of introduction, types, breeds and varieties, digestive system, feedstuffs for rabbit, digestion and absorption of nutrients, health management, housing and management of rabbit, reproductive system and reproduction, and the last chapter on rabbit meat, pelt, fibre and manure. This is text book for the graduate classes, reference book for the institutes and guide for the rabbit farmers as well as pet rabbit owners.

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