Photo Book. Ph 2007 + 08 por Dieter Neubert

Titulo del libro : Photo Book. Ph 2007 + 08
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 23, 2018
Autor : Dieter Neubert
ISBN : 3932187660
Editor : Kasseler Fotoforum / Schaden
Photo Book. Ph 2007 + 08 por Dieter Neubert

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Dieter Neubert con Photo Book. Ph 2007 + 08

The photo book has long since established itself as an independent form of photographic expression. It offers space for smaller or larger stories, for extensive studies and series. Through its layout and configuration, it can find a form that matches its content. While the prices for individual prints and editions continue to reach an exorbitant level on the art market, the photo book remains a relatively affordable and thus democratic medium that enables us to experience the artistic image up close. Nowhere else can photo art be collected so inexpensively - even if individual photo book treasures are only recognized as such when they are out of print or have become very expensive. On the occasion of the 4th Fotofrühlings Kassel under the heading "Foto:Buch" the Kasseler Fotoforum has tried to determine the best photo books of the year 2007/08. We invited international practitioners - critics, publicists and curators as well as booksellers and collectors - to nominate a book that they personally consider to be the most successful, beautiful and interesting of the previous year. It really surprised us that this very obvious idea of a retrospective has not yet been taken up by the photographic world. This volume contains all nominated books along with a personal statement by the participants. As hoped, it reflects all aspects of contemporary photography, from opulent picture books to experimental book forms to illustrated theory of photography. The approaches to the photographic image here are diverse, but all the selected books are of outstanding quality in terms of content and form.

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