The Rabbi Wore Moccasins (English Edition) por Arthur Gross Schaefer

Titulo del libro : The Rabbi Wore Moccasins (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 3, 2013
Autor : Arthur Gross Schaefer
Número de páginas : 178
Editor : Gaon Books
The Rabbi Wore Moccasins (English Edition) por Arthur Gross Schaefer

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Arthur Gross Schaefer con The Rabbi Wore Moccasins (English Edition)

The Rabbi Wore Moccasins is a murder mystery that weaves itself into the life of a California rabbi and lawyer, who is at the same time questioning his own life story. When the spiritual leader of a Native American community confesses to killing his wife, the rabbi is not convinced, and the mystery begins...

“Ancient riddles wrapped in spiritual enigmas inside a page-turning mystery, The Rabbi Wore Moccasins calls to mind The Celestine Prophecy, Mutant Message Down Under, and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior - all journeys that make you think, feel, and stay up very late reading!”
-- Cheri Steinkellner - Emmy, Golden Globe and Writers Guild Award writer and producer of Cheers, Broadway writer of Sister Act and Hello! My Baby.

“Not just a good strong mystery but an irresistible inside look into places we rarely get to see.”
-- Jeff Arch – Oscar nominated screenwriter for Sleepless in Seattle.

“Professor/Rabbi Gross Schaefer has blessed us with a rabbi sleuth reminiscent of Harry Kellerman with a taste of Tony Hillerman, and the lucky reader of this absorbing mystery will come away with wisdom from two traditions.”
-- Malka Drucker - author of the award winning Frida Kahlo and Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust.

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