Tips For Ecological Renovations (English Edition) por Harold Jackson

Titulo del libro : Tips For Ecological Renovations (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 21, 2017
Autor : Harold Jackson
Número de páginas : 15
Tips For Ecological Renovations (English Edition) por Harold Jackson

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Harold Jackson con Tips For Ecological Renovations (English Edition)

Do you have renovation, insulation, extension or construction projects? Before you start, take the time to go to the material library, a collection of materials. Installed by the general council at the departmental housing house in Évry, this structure receives the individuals it advises in their works projects, especially in terms of energy renovation.
The opportunity to discover that in terms of insulation, there is not only glass or rock wool. "They are very hard to recycle and they consume a lot of energy during their manufacture. We prefer materials from the natural environment and little processed, "notes Olivier Issautier. It has cellulose wadding insulation made from recycled paper, wood fiber, cork, coconut fiber, etc.
It costs two to three times more Than a conventional glass wool, but they are more environmentally friendly, last longer and are at least as effective or even more. "You can even build houses in straw bales," smiled Olivier Issautier. It is still quite rare, but the straw isolates very well and it is 100% natural. " Are you planning to do green renovations? Here are 10 tips to get there.

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