Social Media Marketing For Dummies por Shiv Singh

Titulo del libro : Social Media Marketing For Dummies
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 2, 2015
Autor : Shiv Singh
Número de páginas : 432
ISBN : 1118985532
Editor : Wiley John + Sons
Social Media Marketing For Dummies por Shiv Singh

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Shiv Singh con Social Media Marketing For Dummies

Social Media Marketing For Dummies

From the Back Cover

Learn to:

  • Grasp the latest trends in social media marketing
  • Build and launch a campaign for a small or large business
  • Find your unique voice in social media marketing
  • Take advantage of fast and cost–friendly ways to reach your audience

Your guide to making waves in social media marketing

Social media marketing is a fast, affordable, and effective way to reach your customers but it s competitive and always evolving. This friendly guide distills the core concepts, trends, and recommendations down to bite–sized nuggets, giving you expert and approachable guidance on using social media to maintain your rep as a marketing maven.

  • Talk the talk get to know your social media marketing competitors, develop your unique social media voice, and launch successful campaigns
  • Find your place explore social media marketing strategies for established sites like Facebook®, Twitter®, and YouTube® as well as on new and emerging sites
  • Everything old is new again practice social media marketing on your website, become an authentic and engaged advertiser, build a mobile campaign, and make the move toward real–time marketing
  • More bang for your buck understand how social media marketing is a highly effective way to make the most of low–cost, timely online initiatives that resonate with customers and make your brand viable in a saturated market

Open the book and find:

  • How to get into the social media frame of mind
  • Tips for developing a content and distribution strategy
  • Why you shouldn t forget about Pinterest and Tumblr
  • Strategies for marketing via niche networks and online communities
  • How to apply metrics to the social media realm
  • The lowdown on social media governance
  • Top social media tools you shouldn t be without
  • Must–read social media marketing blogs

Shiv Singh is one of the leading voices in social media marketing. He s currently SVP Global Brand and Marketing Transformation at Visa, Inc.
Stephanie Diamond is a former marketing director at AOL and president of Digital Media Works, a firm that offers content marketing services to businesses.

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