Radio Interview Technique Revealed por Ben Adam-Smith

Titulo del libro : Radio Interview Technique Revealed
Autor : Ben Adam-Smith
Radio Interview Technique Revealed por Ben Adam-Smith

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Ben Adam-Smith con Radio Interview Technique Revealed

About the author:Ben Adam-Smith has nearly 15 years of experience working in TV and radio in the UK. From outside broadcasts for BBC Sport to presenting on household brands such as the Heart radio, he is most proud of creating The Saturday Show for the KM Group. Now the owner of production company Regen Media, he is producing great content for businesses and also following his passion for building better homes with the House Planning Help Podcast.This eBook is a complete guide to interviewing, which is equally relevant to any interviewee. Whether you are a beginner who needs to conduct interviews for your niche podcast or you work in radio and are wondering how you can improve your technique, this eBook contains tips and tricks that will make you excel.The first section explains how you go about booking guests and making sure they are right for you. It also looks at two key factors that will affect your preparation – where you are doing the interview and how long you have with the interviewee.The second section highlights the importance of preparation and how it will benefit any interviewer. It describes how to research a topic and then write and structure the questions.The third section talks about the interview itself and maximising the opportunity to get exactly what you want, avoiding any technical mishaps. There are also troubleshooting tips and some advice on dealing with certain types of people (celebrities, etc.).The final section walks you through the benefits of editing and promotion to get the most from your content.

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