Race Car Cheating (English Edition) por Robert Tarzwell

Titulo del libro : Race Car Cheating (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 29, 2017
Autor : Robert Tarzwell
Número de páginas : 54
Race Car Cheating (English Edition) por Robert Tarzwell

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Robert Tarzwell con Race Car Cheating (English Edition)

The idea behind this book is to try to educate you on the dirty deeds and dirty tricks people have used for years to improve their chances at winning. Over the past thirty years, I have read about, seen or had done to me, many of the dirty deeds presented in this book.

The overwhelming problem you will face in trying to determine if you or someone else is cheating, is to define cheating .The various ingenious ways people concoct to improve their racing chances will boggle your mind. What makes me able to write this book? The fact, that at age 64, I have raced for thirty years on and off and do not profess to know everything about the game of cheating or dirty deeds, but I do possess the engineering skill to determine what is technically possible.

I have had some of the worst dirty tricks and stunts pulled on me, both when racing and performing technical inspections. All of them are covered in the book, so you can hopefully spot the dirty trickster before he can add your crossed out silhouette to the side of his car, like WW2 fighter pilots did.

I have included a chapter on the game of tech. inspections. I have some experience in this area and constantly see people over their heads when presented with a well hidden cheat.

I have tried to write this book in an easy flowing style, without identifying the culprits. It's more about the process of cheating and how to spot and catch the cheater.

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