Practical Golf por John Jacobs, Ken Bowden

Titulo del libro : Practical Golf
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 1, 1998
Autor : John Jacobs, Ken Bowden
ISBN : 155821738X
Editor : Lyons Press
Practical Golf por John Jacobs, Ken Bowden

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John Jacobs, Ken Bowden con Practical Golf

In Practical Golf, world-renowned teacher John Jacobs presents a simple, sound way to an improved game, no matter the skill level. Distilling his unrivaled knowledge of golf into clear, practical instruction, Jacobs shows how to develop a consistent swing, improve mental attitude, achieve superior results from the rough, cure a slice in five minutes, get greater distance, and much more. For decades, this book has helped golfers lower handicaps and better enjoy the game, making it one of the best ever.

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