Basic Kanji Book: v. 1 por Chieko Kano

Titulo del libro : Basic Kanji Book: v. 1
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 31, 1989
Autor : Chieko Kano
Número de páginas : 228
ISBN : 9784893580917
Editor : Bonjinsha
Basic Kanji Book: v. 1 por Chieko Kano

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Chieko Kano con Basic Kanji Book: v. 1

Basic Kanji Book Volume 1 This volume covers about 250 kanji and the second volume completes the 500 in the Basic series. These books are really textbooks just for learning kanji. Each lesson covers about 10 characters and begins with a section called "About the kanji" which gives interesting background on the kanji you are about to learn. Next comes writing and reading lessons for each kanji. Lastly, there is a longer reading section followed by a game or some quiz.

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