Professional C++, Third Edition por Marc Gregoire

Titulo del libro : Professional C++, Third Edition
Autor : Marc Gregoire
ISBN : 1118858050
Professional C++, Third Edition por Marc Gregoire

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Marc Gregoire con Professional C++, Third Edition

Professional C++

From the Back Cover

Master the latest release of the C++ language, C++14

This book is a practical, code–intensive guide to designing and building C++ applications, fully updated for the C++14 release. The lessons emphasize good programming style, and how to think in C++ to design effective solutions that maximize the language s capabilities. Drill down into the language to understand the more complex elements of the feature set, and learn the tricks and techniques that steer you away from common pitfalls. The new C++14 information is highlighted for quick reference, helping you get up to speed on the major changes that impact application building.

Professional C++ Third Edition:

  • Learn by example, working with challenging, real–world program segments available to download
  • Study detailed case examples with extensive working code tested on Windows and Linux
  • Discover the tips, tricks, and workarounds that lead to good programming style, including best practices for debugging
  • Work with C++14 s new language features, including function return type deduction, binary literals, generic lambdas, and lambda capture expressions
  • Get up to date with the latest standard library features, like make―unique, transparent function objects, tuple addressing via type, and shared mutex and lock classes

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Marc Gregoire is a software engineer and developer of C/C++ applications for both Windows and Linux. He is a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP, the founder of the Belgian C++ users group, and is currently working on 3D laser scanning software for Nikon Metrology. He previously worked on critical 2G and 3G telecom software for Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks. Marc maintains a blog at

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