I have an idea por Dal-Ri Tórgo, Letícia

Titulo del libro : I have an idea
Autor : Dal-Ri Tórgo, Letícia
I have an idea por Dal-Ri Tórgo, Letícia

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Dal-Ri Tórgo, Letícia con I have an idea

A practical guide to the development of cultural projects that will accompany and guide you throughout the process of transforming your idea, from the blank page to the moment it reaches your audience. During each step, you will have access to exercises and practical examples with a step-by-step for the development of your project. In the stage of fundraising, you will know all the tools available in the market - such as laws, edicts and more - to effectively produce. To conclude, we will do the accountability together and you are ready to start a new project!Are you ready to get your ideas out of the drawer?

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