Simple Prayer Book por Catholic Truth Society

Titulo del libro : Simple Prayer Book
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 1, 2011
Autor : Catholic Truth Society
Número de páginas : 116
ISBN : 1860822592
Editor : Catholic Truth Society
Simple Prayer Book por Catholic Truth Society

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Catholic Truth Society con Simple Prayer Book

CTS's best selling prayer book of all time, revised and updated in 2011, in 3 main sections: Prayer and Devotions; The Eucharist; Catholic Teaching. Contains 1) a wide range of prayers and devotions: basic prayers, morning and evening prayers, to the Holy Spirit, penitential prayers, Way of the Cross, to Our Lady, for various needs and occasions, the Divine mercy; 2) the complete text of the Order of Holy Mass; 3) a summary of Catholic Doctrine, Rule of Christian Life, Explanation of the Mass, and of Marriage. THIS REVISED EDITION USING THE NEW ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE MASS.

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