The Visitor (Jack Reacher, Book 4) por Lee Child

Titulo del libro : The Visitor (Jack Reacher, Book 4)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 4, 2008
Autor : Lee Child
Número de páginas : 516
Editor : Transworld Digital
The Visitor (Jack Reacher, Book 4) por Lee Child

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Lee Child con The Visitor (Jack Reacher, Book 4)

"The Visitor offers an efficient mix of hard-boiled style with lots of lip and a revival of the classic locked-room mystery. . .Tight plotting, pace and high mileage." (Guardian)

Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cooke have a lot in common.
Both were army high-flyers. Both were aquainted with Jack Reacher. Both were forced to resign from the service.

Now they're both dead.

Found in their own homes, naked, in a bath full of paint.
Apparent victims of an army man. A loner, a smart guy with a score to settle, a ruthless vigilante.

A man just like Jack Reacher.

Although the Jack Reacher novels can be read in any order, The Visitor is 4th in the series.

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