Vortex (Spin Book 3) (English Edition) por Robert Charles Wilson

Titulo del libro : Vortex (Spin Book 3) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 6, 2013
Autor : Robert Charles Wilson
Número de páginas : 358
Editor : Gateway
Vortex (Spin Book 3) (English Edition) por Robert Charles Wilson

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Robert Charles Wilson con Vortex (Spin Book 3) (English Edition)

Spin ended with the alien Hypotheticals setting a vast Arch over the Indian Ocean. Those who sailed under it found themselves on Equatoria, another planet entirely.

In Axis, a secretive Equatorian community of Fourths - humans who've had their lives extended by illegal Martian technology - raised a boy, Isaac Dvali, to communicate with the Hypotheticals. Interstellar clouds of tiny fragmented Hypothetical nanomachines rained down on Equatoria, an some began to grow. Isaac and Turk Findley, a tough bush pilot an former drifter, were absorbed by a vast concatenation of those growths.

Now, Turk Findley has awakened ten thousand years later, to be collected by the people of Vox - an Equatorian group that's obsessed with the Hypotheticals. The Vox have been waiting for Turn and Isaac for a very long time. Meanwhile, the story of Turk and Isaac among the people of Vox is being scrawled in notebooks by a disturbed man in a hospital on twenty-first-century Earth, in the years following the Spin . . .

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