Anarchism (English Edition) por E.V. Zenker

Titulo del libro : Anarchism (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 31, 2019
Autor : E.V. Zenker
Número de páginas : 259
Editor : Sheba Blake Publishing
Anarchism (English Edition) por E.V. Zenker

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E.V. Zenker con Anarchism (English Edition)

Today, anarchism is often dismissed as a poorly-thought-out excuse for mayhem used by miscreants bent on destruction. However, in truth, the concept of anarchism has been explored -- and sometimes championed -- by many of history's most important political thinkers. This fascinating volume takes a detailed look at this often-misunderstood political philosophy.

E. V. Zenker (born March 10, 1865 in Postelberg , Bohemia , † August 1946 in Friedrichswald ) was an Austrian journalist and parliamentarian .

Zenker graduated from high school in Vienna and studied law . He was editor of the magazine founded in 1898 Die Wage. Viennese weekly journal for politics, economics, literature and art as well as chairman of 1906 founded Viennese association for marriage reform.

In 1911 he was a member of the Reichsrats . From 21 October 1918 to 16 February 1919 he was a member of the German National Party ( DnP ) member of the Provisional National Assembly of the Republic of German Austria .

Zenker's best-known work is his anarchism book, which also appeared in English and Russian translation and, although Zenker makes no secret of his opposition to anarchism , in 1979 reprinted by the West Berlin anarchist Libertad Verlag .

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