The Quantum Leap and the Global Changes in local human life. TGL 23


The Quantum Leap has started. On the 21 of December 2012 two cosmic cycles started to combine allowing neutral energy to come to Earth. How will this affect a human being, Earth, and life on this planet? This is a question of global influences on habitual course of events. It’s impossible to remain a side onlooker as this process will occur inside YOU.

The Quantum Leap and the Global Changes in local human life  

The Quantum Leap will involve irreversible changes of habitual life, habitual states, and habitual feelings of the physical body. And these are not some momentary changes that one can endure and return to one’s habitual life. This is a beginning of a long process of transformation that will take more than one human lifetime. And that means that for every one of us life will never be the same as before.

We are entering the zone of gradual, but inescapable changes that will slowly and inevitably change our life, moving it further and further from the habitual course of events. These changes will involve not only the external world. First of all, we are going to see the changes in our physical bodies. At the body level the Process of the Quantum Leap will carry activation of a fourth pair of DNA. How will the body and its functioning change with this? These are going to be certain global changes we need to know about and act in accordance with this understanding.

The work conducted at the School of Holistic Psychology is aimed at the formation of a new mental apparatus of a human being that will be able to transform the emotional states using new thoughts, and get connected with the Navigator of the Process of the Leap—your Soul.

The Process of the Quantum Leap requires you to understand it correctly. You cannot understand this process correctly at the level of perception of the Ego. Ego will view the changes that happen to you in accordance with the personal program and socially acceptable notions. But would that navigation help you to enter and to move in the avant-garde of the Quantum Leap? The answer is no. It will be impossible to go through this extraordinary process using past experience.

In order to pass through global changes and not to get in a state of shock when the habitual ground will start to move from under your feet you will have to have a good connection with the Higher Consciousness. Only the Supreme Aspect can coordinate your movement in this Process. Through the connection channel with the Supreme Aspect you can have the necessary understanding of what is happening, remain sane and be capable to act adequately.

Try to understand that whether you want to know about the Quantum Leap or not, whether you believe in it or not, this process will happen to you. You will not be able to bypass it as it will happen inside your body. You will not be able to stop it. You will not be able to wait on a sidewalk. You can cry and complain about the loss of the known and habitual that will occur soon, but that will not prevent the changes that are necessary from happening.

The correct position is the position of knowledge and understanding of what is about to come, acting adequately in this process by being in contact with your Supreme Aspect, by being a part of the first ship that is being formed at the School of Holistic Psychology to pave the Way of the Quantum Leap for humanity based on completion of our own Leap.


I offer you to download, read, and listen to the webinar «The intuitive channel with your Soul as the highest level of development of a woman».



— People are on a bus with me riding to work, and I project myself onto them. Here is a homeless man lying on the street. Part of me wants to move away from him because he stinks. But another part says, “Stay! Smell it!” I don’t like it. I am thinking, “In reality, this being is similar to me. Something inside of me is similarly rotten and smelly. I just had an opportunity to see the physical aspects of it.” I hang around, and I smell it.

— Nobody will give you anything. You have to work. Everything that happens to you in this life is created by you, but you do not understand it.

— This situation caught my attention.

— If something caught your attention, you need to become aware of the duality that was activated by the situation.

— What should happen in order for me to see it?

 I repeat, you need to start seeing the specific duality that you have activated. I repeat multiple times, but no one hears it. You keep singing your own songs.

— In this particular case, the duality is “clean—dirty.” Am I correct?

— Okay. Start to investigate it. Is it “clean—dirty” or something else? What irritates you in this homeless man? Is it the fact that he is without a tie or the fact that he is without a job? Perhaps it’s the fact that he is penniless or the fact that he has no place to sleep. What is it exactly? That’s what needs to be investigated. You cannot do it all at once. You can find one duality and then suddenly see another. Then, the third one will pop up. You need to pay attention to this.

First, if something irritates you, you need to allow yourself to feel this irritation. That’s what we were doing yesterday. To put it simply, that was “love—hate.” Love attracts, hate repulses. Hate declares itself differently: irritation, aversion, aggression, wrath, condemnation, hysteric outburst. You can continue yourself. Those are different states that reflect non-acceptance of something. Currently, you understand that non-acceptance, hate in its different forms, appears as a result of one of my sides meeting another side of me.

There is nothing in life except you. If you think someone slipped you a dirty bum in order for you to smell his bad breath, you are mistaken. If you think this bum has nowhere to go but stay in front of your eyes, you are mistaken again. The only correct way to understand this situation is to understand that everything I encounter in my life is me. Out of all those things, some cause irritation, i.e. hate. Until you accept that you have both love and hate in you at the same time, you will not be able to perceive them as two sides of one coin.  

Other People Are Your Mirror. TGL #22


We always meet with ourselves. If a thought pops into my head, someone will always reflect it. From this point of view the world is not multitude of people and I, but I am a multitude of people. There are many of us, but we are one.

It is very important to understand that we all are one. Therefore, around me are my mirrors. If you receive a certain reaction of people to you—you created it. Are you ready to accept this point of view on what happens to you or will you continue to accuse and blame others?

To blame others for what you did means to remain in a morass of heavy, mechanical sleep. If people get upset with you, you created their accusation toward yourself. If people insult you, you created these insults. People as mirrors reflect the states you happen to be in but you may not be aware of it.

Other people are your mirrors

— If we were to apply the principle of mirrors, a mirror not only reflects our weak sides, but also our strong sides. How can one figure out where one’s strong side is?  

— Let’s review this question in details. You can have a certain self-identification. We need to figure out how you think about yourself, how you imagine yourself consciously, what you identify yourself with. Do you appraise yourself on a «minus» scale or «plus» scale. Every single human being consciously considers himself or herself negative in certain things. Right? What do you consider yourself to be negative in, i.e. where is your self-identification negative?

— I am lazy.
— A am lazy, and I get angry easily.
— I am short-tempered.

— Look, this is already the beginning of self-investigation. This is not so simple. Most people cannot answer this question right away. But this is necessary in order to start to figure oneself out. A car mechanic knows how a car is built very well. If he does not, he is not a good mechanic.

A human being is a similar mechanical car, but being in this car we don’t know anything about it. This is a paradox. We know about computers. We know about clothes. We know about taxes, and much more, but we don’t know the most important thing. We don’t know how we are made.

So, let’s figure this out. These are the first questions in this direction: «What is your negative identification? » Okay, let’s take laziness for example. A man appears next to you. He is not lazy. He is so not lazy, it makes you nauseous. What does he mirrors you? He mirrors your opposite side.
In this case, this is accepted here as a positive quality. It is generally considered that the active human being is good, but the lazy one is bad. Then he is mirroring your positive side to you, as this positive side happens to be in your sub-consciousness, to use this terminology.

In my terminology, «plus and minus» are technical terms. They are similar to two sides of a car battery: the positive side and the negative side. It does not mean that the positive side is a good side of a battery, while the negative side is bad. Both sides are necessary in order for a battery to work. And here we deal with the same thing. I am not delighted only in the positive side, the negative side is similarly worthy.

This is a different and new point of view. People consider they have to fight to be positive: «I am going to fight myself in order to make myself such and such. I will make myself good». But, I say you don’t have to fight yourself. Any fight only gives birth to a fight. Any fight gives birth to fear and then you will constantly be in this fear.

Fighting you may accomplish something in terms of achieving «goodness», but you will remain in fear. You may have a positive, from your point of view, human being next to you that shows you your sub-consciousness because your conscious notion of yourself is negative.

But you may have it differently. If you appraise yourself positively in something, a human being will appear with an opposite quality. For example, if you are active and goal oriented, you will find your employees passive and lazy, requiring you to fight them all the time. That’s how all companies and organizations are created, starting from family and ending with states. If you are active on the background of these passive, you have this pride: «I am active, they are passive».

— Let’s take a look at you. Let’s assume there was a fusion of consciousness and sub-consciousness in your case. Does it mean that people do not mirror you similarly?  

— People mirror me similarly. People commonly ask me: «Are you enlightened? ». I tell them: «Wait up. Let’s not even talk about it. Enlightenment is a process. It’s not a dot; it is dot after dot after dot ». I noticed that whenever I asserted something in my life, and there was time when I used to say: «Everything is Okay», a situation would appear immediately that would show me: «Here, take a look. Not everything is Okay». It would point to me: «Take a look there again». So, I don’t make any conclusions. I never said that something has fused. It is what it is.

— This process is endless. Someone constantly mirrors something to someone.

— Exactly.

— And where is the difference? Is difference in perception only? Is it in my perception or yours?  

— Take a look at where the difference is. Let’s say you got married and a man you have married is drinking, screams at you, does not bring any money home, and does not take care of the kids. That’s him, your man, your opposite side. What does a sleeping woman wants to do?

— She nags him, blames him, and tries to change him … She makes scenes …

— Yes, they fight tooth and nail. Let’s say this woman came to Pint and started self-investigation. She will begin to understand that what she sees in him is something she does not see in herself, and she will start to search for it inside herself.

If she blames him for not bringing enough money home, she will start seeing: «Wow, I do the same ». That’s what a woman who is not fully asleep anymore, who started to self-investigate will say.

— And what’s next? So, he drinks and she does not. He kicks her, and she does not. Should she start drinking?

— You don’t need to start anything, you already have everything. If it irritates you that your partner is drinking, you have to develop and use a thinking pattern of self-investigator. And that is not as straightforward as it appears to you.

What is alcoholism? Alcoholism represents one’s withdrawal from solving a problem. Why do men drink so hard? It happens because men don’t want to see many things. But a woman uses different methods of withdrawal in order not to see herself, and her methods are similar to man’s alcoholism. She does not drink; she goes to a gym or she goes shopping. From a society point of view, it is much healthier than alcoholism. «I exercise», — she tells him, — «and what do you do? You drink. I don’t want to see you ». But they do exactly the same thing. Are you ready to see it or not?


Take look into your closest mirrors—your relatives and friends. What qualities do they manifest that you disagree with? Apply the paradoxical thought process of self-investigator. Take a look at your friend as your mirror. Ask yourself a question: «In which situations I behave similarly?»

The smart and the stupid: two sides of one personality. TGL #21.


Someone concentrates on being smart, while another concentrates on being dumb. Arriving at the point of being very smart, you want to be simpler. Fighting to be smarter, you accuse others of being stupid. But smart and stupid are two sides of one coin.

The smart one is the one who knows. The stupid one is the one who does not know. Both states are important. It is precisely due to the stupid side not being able to understand something, that one can enter and get to understand something new. Can you understand the necessity of the stupid side and accept it in yourself?
The smart and the stupid: two sides of one personality
— I don’t accept my “stupid” side.   

— Who is this “stupid” in your understanding?

— The Stupid is the one who is empty, who does not know and does not understand anything.  

— So, the stupid one is the one who does not know and does not understand anything. Can you say that you are stupid?

— I am stupid.

— Accept this “stupid” part of yours that does not know and does not understand anything. It tries, but it does not know. It tries, but it does not understand. If I don’t accept this “stupid” part in myself, I am stupid. I am trying and trying. I still do not understand anything. I am even more afraid of being stupid.

What about the smart one? The smart one can logically discuss things that the stupid one has no ideas about. So, until I accept the “stupid” in me, I would be stupid. I happen to be what I don’t accept. I constantly fight in order not to be it, but I happen to be it. I want to be smart and chastise myself for being stupid; and the more I chastise myself for it, the more stupid I get. The stupid one does not understand. Do you think everyone understands everything here? Are you the only one who is stupid here?

— Perhaps I am in a hurry.  

— You are in a hurry to understand, but the understanding does not come, and because of it, you feel even more stupid. Take a look around. Does everyone understand everything here?

— It does not make me happy that everyone does not understand. 

— Do you think there are some smart people here?

— You are smart.

— How about me? 

— You are smart too.

— No, I disagree, he is quite stupid.

— I was sitting next to him earlier. He was very warm. I felt tenderness toward him.

— You are stupid, and your tenderness is stupid.

— I am afraid of being crazy.   

— Don’t be afraid. There are idiots, schizophrenics, and paranoiacs here. In such company, an idiot looks pretty good. And can you see an idiot in me? I, for example, do not understand why you do not understand what I am talking about.

— I saw your idiot yesterday.  

— Can you see it in yourself now? You are trying and trying, and you cannot understand for a long time. What is it a sign of?

— Probably, it is a sign of stupidity.  

— Yes, you are stupid.

— I cannot connect it.

— You don’t need to connect anything. We are trying to figure out whether there is “stupid” in you or not.

— There is “stupid” in me. I have no logic.  

— So, you are stupid.

— How can I live?

— For many years you lived stupid, and it did not interfere with your life. You have not died because of it. I have never seen a postmortem with a diagnosis stupid. People don’t die because of it. People live with it.

— I have not lived yet.  

— You have not lived yet? Have you died? Who do I have a pleasure of speaking with?

— You are speaking with a dead one.   

— Oops! I thought she was stupid, but she is dead. Take a look around. Who do you see? These two women next to you, do you think they are alive?

— I don’t know.

— So, you will not die if you are already dead. You get anxious: will I die or not … If you are dead already, why should you be afraid of death? You have not yet been born. If you have not yet been born, how can you die? You don’t have any problems with death.

— I am sitting here, irritated that I don’t understand anything.   

— Why are you irritated? You don’t understand because you are stupid. The stupid one should not understand anything. So, why do you get irritated? Remember, you are stupid. Stupid does not understand anything. Stupid can talk a lot, but stupid does not understand anything. So, why are you irritated?

— I want to get excited and happy about it, but I can’t.  

— You don’t have to be happy, but why get irritated about something you don’t understand? Stupid does not understand. Stupid should not understand. You should feel calm and quiet. If you consider yourself stupid, you can be calm, even though you don’t understand anything.

— Sometimes, during the dialogue, I sort of turn off and then I understand something, I sense it. Then my mind turns on again, I start to listen, to understand, miss certain things, etc…  

— You said you don’t understand anything.

— Sometimes I understand.  

— What did you understand?

— Theoretically?  

— To understand something means to know, and to live through a certain experience. Did you learn something new here and experienced it? This is what understanding is. There is new knowledge and one experiences it. For example, I know that hot water can burn my skin. I put my hand in hot water and I get burned. This gives me an understanding—hot water burns. Before, I knew it, but now I understand it.

— I know when I am open and when I am closed. I know the difference between these states. I experienced it. 

— So, you understand what open is and what closed is. What else do you understand?  

— I understand the states of happiness and sorrow. I know what these are.  

— You know the word «sorrow», and what it means as an experience. OK. What else?

— I know the states of a grudge and of an insult.  

— Do you understand them?

— Yes, I understand them.  

— So, you are not stupid. The stupid one does not understand anything, but you understand certain things. So, can you accept your not understanding?

— Now, based on understanding, it is easier.  
— You are going to get stuck in it until you see yourself from the side. You have to see that you are both smart and stupid. You are the one who understands and the one who does not understand. That is the most important thing here.


Take a look at the duality «smart—stupid » in yourself. Which side do you call positive and cultivate in yourself, and which one do you deny and reject?

See, that the manifestation of one side is based on the manifestation of another, and qualities flow from one to another. For example, how not understanding happens to be the beginning of understanding, and how greater understanding approaches the borders of not understanding.

Using the examples of your life, determine where you manifest one or another side of this duality. Come to understand that you are both of them, and that both sides of duality are necessary for you.

Psychology of the Future Stan Grof, M.D., Ph.D.


Alternative: Working with Healing Intelligence (HI) of a client himself.

In Non Ordinary States of Consciousness NOSC you mobilize this Healing Intelligence.

Healing Intelligence itself finds the area(s) of the psyche that has the strongest emotional charge (energy potential) that is also available at the time for processing and in NOSC that would be the content of the experience. It starts spontaneously, surfaces, and then, in the experience, the symptom is consumed because it transforms (subconscious SKO) into a stream of experiences: some of them biographical, some perinatal, some trans-personal. 

Lecture by Stanislav Grof on the “Psychology of the Future” (2009).Stan Grof, M.D., Ph.D. is a psychiatrist with more than fifty years experience researching the healing and transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. His groundbreaking theories influenced the integration of Western science with his brilliant mapping of the transpersonal dimension. He is one of the founders and chief theoreticians of Transpersonal Psychology and received an Honorary Award for major contributions to and development of the field of Transpersonal Psychology from the Association for Transpersonal Psychology in 1993.

11:00 Dr Albert Hoffman at Sanders discovers LSD, ergot alkaloid, originally indicated to stop endometrial bleeding and migraines

LSD – an unconventional training tool

15:00 Personal LSD experience – no boundaries. Cosmic consciousness

21:00 I have less than an hour to explain something that took me years to accept based on my own experiences

22:00 Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) vs Non Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC)

24:00 NOSC – holo-tropic SC – moving toward wholeness

In the OSC we only identify with a fraction of who we are

Upanishads – You are not your body, you are Brahman

27:00 Differences between ASC and NOSC

31:00 If you spend all time in OSC it is very difficult to find any meaning in life (CSUN. Dr. Oppenheimer)

Futility of the so called normal worldview of western civilization has to be transcended

Deeper meaning comes in holo-tropic states

31:30 If we want to do healing, not body mechanics…

          Healing always happens in holo-tropic states

Tapping deeper into sources of Inspiration

Paradigm changes always happen in holo-tropic states

Kekule benzene ring

Puccini Madam Butterfly

Einstein Relativity

Higher Creativity book by Willis Harman former president Institute Noetic Sciences   

35:45 Inductions of holo-tropic states – techniques

Drumming, fasting, dancing, breathing…..

Plants: THC, Mescaline ….

Sleep deprivation, Sensory deprivation (Lilly’s tank)

41:00 All preindustrial cultures (worldview) believed in consciousness over matter

Western view of spirituality and spiritual experiences – at best infantile – diagnose and Rx it with tranquilizers

45:00 Michael Harner “The way of the shaman” 1970 Amazon work. Shamanic initiation

Western psychology is biased in at least 2 areas

Ethnocentric bias – different cultures have different view on what is acceptable and not

Cogni-centric bias or Pragma-centric bias – we have developed theories in psychiatry based on our observations from Ordinary States of Consciousness (OSC). We excluded/ignored observations of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC)

49:40 Color-blind NDE experience

51:10 Areas of Belief Change necessary for accommodation of NOSC experiences

Paradigm-Braking Challenges of Consciousness Research

  1. The cartography of the human psyche
  2. The architecture of Emotional and Psychosomatic disorders
  3. Effective therapeutic mechanisms (powerful healing experienced during regression, archetype, cosmic unity)
  4. Strategy of psychotherapy and self-exploration
  5. The role of spirituality in Human life
  6. The nature of reality: Psyche, Cosmos, and Consciousness

55:00 Asthma & SKO (SKO/SCE=System of Condensed Experience)

57:30 Multiple schools of psychology vs quality of therapeutic encounter between the therapist and a client = essence to essence 

Client’s feeling of being unconditionally accepted by another human being for the 1st time in their life

61:01   Alternative: Working with Healing Intelligence (HI) of client himself. In NOSC you mobilize this HI. HI itself finds the area(s) of the psyche that has the strongest emotional charge (energy potential) that is also available at the time for processing and in NOSC that would be the content of the experience. It starts spontaneously, surfaces, and then, in the experience, the symptom is consumed because it transforms (subconscious SKO) into a stream of experiences: some of them biographical, some perinatal, some trans-personal.