Is there life after death? TGL #14


Life of a human being reminds us of a train traveling with one looking through the last window of the last car. Everything one sees through this window appears to be departing. It appears that you are constantly loosing what you have, being in a state of dying and sorrow about what is left behind.

In such a case, life is an attempt to hold on to what is departing. It’s an endless fight with death. But is this a life or a prolonged experience of death?

Life is one side of a coin, while death is another side of it. How can one live on one side of a coin? Is this life? Do we allow death into our life? Do we consider it to be best not to think about it at all? That’s what we are going to discuss today.

Is there life after death?

What are people afraid of more than anything? What do their fears boil down to? The fears of the personality boil down to losing the habitual image of itself, while fears of the body boil down to its loss or mutilation. A human being is afraid to lose his body because of the fear that with one’s body one would lose one’s life. If in this reality, I identify myself with a body, I am afraid of illnesses, mutilation, and death.

From such a position, Soul is something abstract, and one’s relationship to it is very different. One relates to it as if it was a virgin, virginity of which one is afraid to lose. Another considers it to be something that Satan can drag to hell. For many people, Soul is something abstract. No one knows where it is as opposed to a body which creates a real reality. But what are we in reality?

If I identify myself with a body, I understand that sooner or later my body will die. Everyone knows that it is impossible to avoid the death of the body. Very rich people are ready to freeze the body to prolong its life. Why do they do it? They do it because they don’t have the answer to the question: «Who am I? ». If I am the body, sooner or later I am going to die. That is the thought we live with.

— My mother told me yesterday that she did not live her life well, her youth is gone, and her life is over.

— Life did not go well, and the only thing that remains is to bring up the children and to die. Look, this is a real reality. That’s how people live. If one perceives life in such a way, and your mother perceives it exactly this way, that’s her life. The way we perceive life is the life we have.

The majority of people consider that life is a period of time to be used to grab as much as possible, to fulfil a certain program, and to die. What’s after death is unknown. There is a real reality, and there is a house in it, kids that scream, husband I can never find common grounds with, and a collection of problems I run around like crazy with; then—death.
And what is death? Life is one side of a coin, and death is the other side. Most people only grab one side of it and are afraid of the other. Do we allow the presence of death into our life or we simply know that this is something that will happen one day and our body will go, not knowing what is going to happen next? What is your relationship to death?

— There is no fear in my case.  

— Do you want to die, do not want to die, or you don’t care? If you don’t care, I will ask you to jump from this ninth story window.

— I probably will not jump now.  

— If you don’t care, why not jump now?

— Some things still hold me here.  

— It turns out, that when you stand at the end of a cliff, there is something that holds you.

— I am sure my life will change.  

— What is holding you: past or future?

— Future. Past does not hold me at all.

— Do you know your future that you say is holding you?

— I can presume.  

— You can presume the future, but you know the past for a fact. Am I right?

— I know it for a fact. 

— So, what is holding you: what you can presume or what you already know?

— What I know for a fact does not hold me at all.  

— Then jump.

— But I do have a future.  

— That is your future. You are going to fly. Is that what you wanted? You will fly all the way down to the ground. Look how interesting it is. We have so many thoughts and ideas we are not even aware of. We only become aware of them when we stand at the end of a cliff.

Now, it is understandable why one needs to get to the edge of a cliff. I turns out, one is not aware of anything when one is far from the edge. It’s only by getting to the edge that one can understand one’s relationship with death. And what is after so called death? Do you have any ideas on the subject?

— It is life of a Spirit.

— And who are you?

— I am a part of this big Spirit.  

— So, why not transfer to this Spirit right now? We are studying spiritual development here. We just figured out that the easiest way to transfer to Spirit is to die. We are preoccupied and suffering with this body, but turns out one can jump out of a window and transfer to Spirit right away. That’s the «extreme» way of spiritual development.

— The spirit is not developed. It’s weak.    

— Whose spirit is weak? Yours?

— Not mine. I mean in general.  

— I talk about you, and you talk about transferring to Spirit. I am trying to figure out what Spirit is. You are saying that this is something big, but now it turns out that in your case it is weak.

— It came here to get a certain experience. It did not acquire the entire experience yet.   

— So, if you were to die now, your Spirit would not acquire a full experience and would cry. So who are you? You are the body that is going to die and a Spirit that has to accomplish something here, and at present time you do not yet understand what it needs to accomplish.

If you are the body, then with a death of the body you are not going to exist. But if, as you say, you are Spirit, you should experience yourself as immortal. Do you experience yourself as such?

Experiencing yourself as a Spirit, and a Soul allows you to change images of yourself and decorations of your life without losing yourself or dying. Spirit is something that can experience itself in different images and bodies, not losing the sensation of life, but using death to transform to another image of itself.

So, do you allow death into your life? Does your life happen to be real life or an extended experience of death? What is your life: experiencing dying or experiencing birth?


Recall images of yourself that you had in the past. Recall images from your adolescence. How did your images of yourself change with time? Do you see it as birth or loss?

What kind of an image of yourself do you have now? While being a worker, how do you experience death of the image of an employee and transfer to the image of an unemployed? Do you see continuation of life in the image of an unemployed or are you upset about the death of an employee, i.e. are you upset experiencing death?

Written by Dr. Emin Kuliev

Time after Time…


Our most valuable asset in life is time!

Once it’s gone, it can never be replaced and it can end without warning. Moreover, the lack of appreciation seems more evident by simply just surveying oneself and people around you. For many, a close encounter with death whether personally or to a close friend/family member tends to put the value of time in perspective.

No; it doesn’t always take a close encounter with death to comprehend the importance of time.

Quite frankly, an awareness of self and ones surroundings can easily do the same. More people tend to be more interested in finding ways to kill time rather than taking advantage. Time is simply the period between birth and death. The only difference is that each person’s time varies. If we all knew the date and time of our death, do you think we would still go about life so nonchalant?

Since the beginning of time and even still today the deadliest form of punishment is killing time or having time taken from us. Weather being put in timeout as a child, investing in anything besides ones happiness or being incarcerated are all forms of punishment where we give up our time in return. I’m sure some might ask, “do I have the ability to control time?” You most certainly do! Medically speaking, by slowing ones heart rate (practicing yoga etc) or the latter, increasing ones adrenaline (doing things hastily or anxiously) are just a few ways we all can control time. Reflecting on the topic has brought me to question the reason so many of us choose killing time rather than enjoying each moment as if it were our last.

I came to realize that while “sleepwalking” through life like many of us on a daily basis, it only makes sense that the value of time doesn’t appear so valuable compared to “the awakened” who live each moment with purpose (happiness) in mind.

Do You Want to Know Your Main Problem? TGL – 13


We always meet only with ourselves. If a thought pops into my head, someone will reflect it to me. Looking from that point of view—the world is not a collection of people and me, but i am a collection of people. There are many of us, but we are one.

It is very important to understand that other people are your mirrors. If I see that someone does not trust me, it means I don’t trust myself. If I see that someone does not love me, it means I don’t love myself.

The external world is a mirror. Your task is to see yourself in this mirror and to become aware of it. It only depends on you whether you will use this opportunity to get to know yourself or not.

«Do you want to know your main problem?»

Do you want to know your main problem? Buy yourself a mirror. And when you want to accuse someone, take a look in it. You will see a certain face there and it will tell you something very important. These words and the expression of that face are directed not to someone, but to you. Take a look, and you will see everything. That everything is the most important thing for you.

Perhaps, this face will scream: «Be nicer to me. Understand me. Hear me out. Do it. Why are you always like that? » Everything you are going to see and hear is related to you. You speak to yourself, but you do not know that.

Life is a mirror. People are mirrors. If you really want to understand and to become aware of what in reality happens to you: what you think, feel, and do—this mirror will help you.

People as mirrors will reflect your feelings. When you scream at someone, be aware that you scream at yourself and about yourself. If you do that, you will understand everything. You will understand that you are not screaming at someone, you are screaming at yourself. In reality, everything we say, we say not to other people, we say it to ourselves. We try, but cannot hear ourselves, that’s why we scream so loud.

After 15 years of the same conversation, you suddenly heard yourself. That’s illumination. Please, record it on your cell phone and listen to what you are constantly trying to say to yourself. Perhaps, you finally will understand that you were always talking to yourself, but were unable to hear or see it.

Everything you say, at the level of consciousness you happen to be at the moment, activate the same words and the same level of consciousness in another human being. As a result, he starts to «vibrate» at your level of vibration.

For example, it is very easy to start a fight. You just have to approach someone and tell him that he is an idiot. If it’s not enough for him, add something a bit stronger, and you reach your goal. Do you understand what happens when you approach someone and start to insult him?

Meanwhile, you get surprised and say: «What is this? I came with my best intentions. I told him: «Listen, your socks stink». This is the truth. To another one, I said: «This tie does not look good on you». And this is the truth. The truth happens to be different. Do you want to be truthful or happy? Think about it.

The higher the level of consciousness we happen to occupy, the fewer disagreements develop. The higher the level of consciousness we happen to occupy, the less you will want to accuse others and the more you will feel that we all are one.

Suddenly you felt that every one of us is very important and that a human being you screamed at all your life is very important to you because he is your mirror. He was fulfilling the most difficult work for you constantly «mirroring» you.

And what if he was not there? You would have never learned how rough and insulting to others you were without even feeling it. You would have never found it without his unwilling help. It is he who constantly reminds you of it. You just don’t want to see it in yourself. When you start to see, you will see what an important role this human being played in your life.

— Does another human being «mirror» his state through us?  

— Of course he «mirrors ». But that is a different question. Let us learn ourselves first, and then teach others. Everyone wants to teach others. The wisdom of this world is that when one says something to another human being, it is important for both of them. Everything is made so well in this world that one has to be a total idiot not to learn.

You say something, and that is related to you and to the one you say it to. Both can find it useful. But many people who get to know the laws of «mirroring», start to say to people that are close to them: «Everything you say is not related to me. It has to do with you. Here is a book, read it. Everything is discussed there. So, remember what you just said. Think about it, and remember that I told you that ».

People that are wiser try to hear themselves and to become aware of what was said. They attempt to become aware of the truth in themselves. If something touched you, it is important precisely for you.

How do we create our world? If inside us is hatred, what kind of a world is going to be outside of us? It is going to be full of hate. If inside us is fear, what kind of a world is going to be outside of us? It is going to be full of fear. And if inside us is happiness, what kind of a world is it going to be? It is going to be a happy world. So, what does a perception of the world depend on? It depends on our state. And our state depends on us.

If you have not understood it until now, it is because you are not aware of yourself. The one who is aware of oneself understands that the world one creates is one’s world. You create your internal and external world yourself. If happiness is inside you, everything around you is happy. If inside you is horror, then only horror, suffering, and hate is outside.

—Do I understand this correctly that a man that happens to be next to me is a reflection of my inner man?  

— It is a reflection of a part of your inner man, not a full reflection of his, but certain parts of him.

— If something does not satisfy me in him, does it mean that something does not satisfy me in myself, but I am unable to admit it to myself?  

— Yes. The first reason is your partial, non-holistic vision. This is the axiom of perception that exists in the world of survival, where we are told that there are we and there are other people: a husband, a child, a coworker. That other human being can be bad and most likely he is going to be bad. He is going to bother you, and you will manipulate him in one way or another in order to get what you need.
That is a common and widespread point of view. With this point of view we get married, go to work, etc. I am talking about a different axiom of perception in which I offer you to look at the external world as a mirror. In this particular case, if we discuss your husband, it is related to your masculine part. What exactly irritates you in him?

—One of the problems is that he abuses alcohol. My dad was not a drinker. He never smoked. He was great. Why am I with a man who drinks?  

— Let’s take a look at this situation from another point of view. I will ask you: «Why did you find this man and why did you bring this drunkard close to you? » Where is the profit? Did he drink when you were dating or did he start drinking after you got married?

— He drunk a little bit, but the dose was slowly escalating. I was not paying attention. It was not bothering me. I did not see it as a problem. I have never seen this as a child in my family. Is it possible that behind this is my disapproval of alcoholics?   

— Most likely, yes.

— I had such a great dad. He never drank. Man’s not drinking was always viewed as a positive character trait in my family. I always wanted to have a husband that would be like my dad, but I received a total opposite.   

— He has to be an antipode of your dad. Why? You wanted a husband that would be like your father, but you received a different assignment. Again, we get to know this world in its totality—as a whole. If you were given a husband that was similar to your father, what new thing would you learn? You are given something totally different—a fully reversed antipode—in order for you to learn the opposite side of a man in his wholeness.

— In order for me to see myself? Is this my mirror?  

— Of course. Only the positive side was reflected in the mirror by your father. Let’s call it positive. But he also had a negative side. Now you are being offered to get to know that side.

— Okay. Let’s say I got to know it. I learned it. Then what?  

— Not so fast, not so fast! If I were to think that way, being 30 years of age, I would write down: «I come to be aware of everything. Love you! Buy! ». And Pint would have published just one book. It would have contained only one page.

— But how am I to figure myself out?

— Okay. Now take a look at what Pint does when he investigates. How many books has he written? What was he doing all this time calling it awareness? And you? You wrote a sentence: «I am aware of everything ». What exactly did you become aware of in the shadow side of your man? You say that you become aware of your husband. Okay. Then my first question would be: «Why does he drink? » Nobody does anything without a reason. Why would your husband drink? What are the motives that move him to drink?

— First of all, he is constantly in a state of guilt and shame. His parents overwhelm him. I think he does not live his own life. He is trying to fulfill the image his parents wanted to see.   

— Look, your image of your father is as bright as his image of his parents. He cannot reach it. Because of it, he is experiencing a chronic state of guilt. He constantly blames himself. That’s a great motivation to drink from dusk till dawn.

— But he is not aware of it! You can’t even prove to him that he feels guilty and ashamed. As soon as this feeling of guilt arises, he drinks a glass of vodka, and it appears to him that there is no guilt.   

— Of course. Would he acknowledge it? No. And in order not to feel it, he drinks. And then even a stronger feeling of guilt arises, and he has to drink two glasses of vodka. Later on delirium tremens would sets in, and his last words on his death bed would be: «I don’t feel any guilt».

— But what does it mean? Is this my feeling of guilt?  

— Of course. The world is a mirror. This is the feeling of guilt your inner man experiences. You need to investigate why your father felt guilty. Your father is inside of you now and you live with this chronic feeling of guilt.

Everything that is around you is a projection of your inner world. People mirror what is inside of you. An enlightened human being is a being that sees the wisdom and happiness of this world. And irrespective of what happens around him, he is calm and happy. He appears crazy to other people. But in reality he is the only sane one. Everyone else is crazy because they see partially. He sees holistically. He creates his own world.

You don’t have to change the world in order to be happy, you need to change your perception. But in order to do so, you need to be aware of what you are doing, feeling, and thinking. Otherwise, you will constantly be occupied with other people and the external things, not understanding that you create your own world yourself. The one who is not aware of oneself tries to manipulate the world in order to adjust it to one’s dependencies. This is crazy. No one was ever able to do so.


Pay attention to the words you say to people you blame, reprimand, and reproach. Hear exactly what you pronounce. Concentrate your attention on the offered point of view, that you are not saying something to someone, but say it to yourself in relation to your own manifestations.

Find the situations in your life where you behave exactly the way the accused by you human being. Pay attention to the motives of your behavior. Take a look at whether your attitude toward a human being that irritates you changes when these motives are seen and understood by you. It is precisely your understanding of yourself in this situation that allows you to understand another human being. In reality, it always allows you to understand yourself.

Money or….


Ever wondered why industries such as cosmetic surgery, beauty, and dieting continuously grow without any sign of slowing down decade after decade?

There is not a single moment that we’re not told what to do, how to do it, how to look, how to feel, what to eat, and the list goes on and on.

In the movie A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson said it perfectly; “you can’t handle the truth.” Sadly we live in a world where we want everything “now.” However,  these “everything” that we seek are filled with emptiness  and is of no value. While these cars, clothes, and money provide us with a false sense of fulfillment, it is nothing more than a temporary fix.

There’s a difference in loving money and loving what money can do. This is a fact that many seem to misunderstand. Truth is we seek approval from others when the only opinion that matters is that of our own and we allow our egos and greed to dictate the choices we make while ultimately becoming more asleep than awakened.

It’s not too late to live your purpose.

Start by making the next decision out of happiness (love) and not fear.

How much do you truly love yourself when to many, love from another person more times than not tends to be shown by tangible objects?

Understand that people will only treat you how you allow them to. Therefore, if you dislike the reflection of your observation of how you’re being loved, then you need to accept that reality and change from within instead of casting blame on someone/something other than yourself. For some living has becoming so far from the truth that baring the burden of this facade is easier than living our souls purpose: “happiness.”

Get out of your own way and focus on your own happiness. Everything else will fall in place. You have nothing to loose. Don’t believe me?

Try it for one day and don’t hesitate to repeat daily.

Written by Tracy Jackson

To Sin is Not to Love Yourself Holistically. TGL 12


What is a sin? Smoking is bad for your health; therefore it is a sin. Marijuana is bad for your health; therefore it is also a sin. Too much alcohol is bad for your health. That’s another sin.

A sin is a breach of certain norms of human behavior. I offer you to look at it from another point of view. A sin is a consequence of self-blame. The only real sin is unawareness. What people usually define as a sin, happens to be just another side of duality, opposite to a side that is called goodness.

To sin is not to love yourself holistically

We are not theologians. We are interested in practical things. So, let’s investigate from a practical standpoint what exactly the idea of a sin represents. Any idea that enters a human being starts to act. When an idea totally absorbs a man, he starts to serve this idea and completely shares its fate.

I am going to give you a new definition of a sin. A sin is not to be aware. If I am suffering due to a sin, it means that I don’t understand something in myself. In such a case, I can exit a state of a particular sin by increasing my understanding of myself. This definition we can work with. There is no harshness in it.

A sin is not understanding something. A sin continues and gets reinforced because your not understanding does not get converted into understanding. When a human being kills someone, it is a sin. This sin is connected to his not understanding of the fact that he is killing himself.

— Initially, when I am a child, someone explains to me what sins are and defines them for me. Afterward, it is assumed that if I, knowing the substance of one or another sin, continue to act the way I did, the sin turns into a conscious sin.    

— You continue to act the way you do because you do not understand what you do, as you do not understand yourself. For example, we frequently use such words here as «clear vision», «to be aware», «to understand». The one who hears these words frequently starts to say that he sees, understands and becomes aware. At the same time, he continues to do the same things. I tell him that he is not aware, he is simply using this word.

In my understanding, to become aware means to see holistically the consequences of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Many people act out of error, i.e. out of not knowing something. Doing something they do not understand, they cannot see what their actions lead to.

They receive the consequences of what they gave birth to. However, they attribute these consequences to other people or consider these consequences to be coincidental. You need to start seeing how what you do returns to you. In what form does it return to you?

Another important question is: «What do you do? » One action can be defined differently. First, it depends on how you define it. Second, it also depends on what your motives are.

Let’s say I gave money to someone. Then, another man gave the same amount of money to the same person. It appears that both of us have completed the same act. However, people may see different motives behind this act.

Some would say that he was given money because he was pitied. Others would say that people who gave the money were interested in the profit to be made on this transaction. Yet, others would claim that if the money were not given, the receiver would have forcefully extorted them. Some may claim that the money were given by the givers out of the abundance of them. There may be multiple motives and multiple explanations for the same act. What is the motive of our actions? We are frequently not aware of the motives of our actions.

— We don’t see our motives. Often we don’t even want to see them. Later, we invent certain justifications for our behavior.  

— And later on, we get completely entangled in our not knowing. Let’s take a look at the situation of a relationship between a man and a woman. What kind of an impulse can we see there? There may be many of them.

Let’s say you meet someone and a relationship starts between the two of you. But this human being has a wife or a husband. If we were to use a formula: «Shall not covet your neighbor’s wife», then it is a sin, and to sin is horrible. We might be afraid to meet other people and to have other relationships.

At the same time, we are told: «Love your neighbor as you love yourself», but ninety percent of those neighbors are married. It’s a mix-up. The majority of people do not ask those questions, but they exist as we can see.

— Some people choose to live and to act based on a model they like the best.   

— It’s not even what they like the best, as in such case one needs to at least figure something out. The majority of people, on the other hand, don’t even ask where these beliefs came from. They act out of the habitual beliefs. They are completely identified with these beliefs, i.e. they are these beliefs.

— It says: «Do not commit adultery», but at the same time, it was said to me: «Don’t do anything without love». Adultery is an act without love. Even people bound by marriage vows can practice adultery. Adultery is a conditioned love.    

— It is a conditioned love. It’s a manipulation. That’s what we see in so-called families here. People frequently hang to each other out of fear of losing common assets or out of other aims, totally unrelated to what is called Unconditional Love.

It follows that the only sin is not to love yourself wholly, in all your manifestations. Therefore, adultery is an act devoid of such love. Sins appear and are being maintained by the dual personality that simply wants to use someone.


Take a look at your beliefs, the beliefs you are guided by in your life. What do you consider being «right» and don’t even question? Can you see a belief opposite to the one that you call «right» in your baggage? Take a look at the conflicts these opposite beliefs create in your life, and on the ways you try to resolve them?