Top 7 Blog Marketing Secrets Revealed

I get emails and posts on a daily basis from readers asking me how I market my blog page. I am about to tell you all my secrets. Are you ready? Some of my clients have paid me thousands of dollars for what you about to learn for FREE.

Secrets Revealed:

  1. WordPress Marketing: I see a lot of people going through other people’s blogs and just liking them without reading what they are about, or even commenting without reading, using comments like: Nice, Great Post, Thank you for the post, etc. You might get a few followers this way, but I am not sure they are going to be as good as you wish them to be, because at the end of the day, you get back based on what you put in. “The Law Of Balance.” What I do or what has worked for me: I read the post and provide a detailed and personal comment as much as I can. And at the bottom I include my name, title and website address. It is obviously a self-promotion post, but as long as the content is good, it will be approved by a blog owner. In most cases, they will become your followers as well. This method also creates keywords and pingbacks that rate your blog better by Google. You can go through as many blogs as you wish, but you will never cover them all until the end of days. As of right now, there over 4.2 million and growing  blogs on platform alone.
  2. Categories and Tags. Make it easy for your readers to find content on your website. Good category and title names with tags for descriptions will be a huge help, as well as getting you better ratings on search engines, and better targeted traffic. I use google adwords to do my research on the most popular keywords related to my niche.
  3. Google+ has a lot of communities where you can share your posts. Using Google+ is another way to improve search results for your blog.  It is free to join and takes just a single click. If you are not familiar with Google+, think of it as the Google version of Facebook.
  4. Youtube is the second most searched platform after Google. For this reason, it would be a very good place to place your ads. If you are shy of being on camera, you can create video slides about your blog page with music or voice over. Youtube is also free of charge and very easy to figure out. There are also many video trainings done very professionally.
  5. Facebook is another good place to share your posts, I would recommend joining groups that relate to your niche and share your latest posts there, with thousands people you do not know, instead of only posting on your personal page with the small number of people who already know about you and your blog.
  6. Instagram is another very popular social media platform where you can share your posts instantly and gain a lot of new followers as well. Instagram is owned by Facebook which makes it simple to merge your use of the two of them together for more convenience and to save time.
  7. The last but not least is LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn, not Twitter or reddit and for a very good reason. LinkedIn offers a lot of room for personal description, permitting you to post as much information about yourself as you wish, and the same time building a huge database of clients to whom you can reach by different options such as posting to your blog, by a personal post, or just sharing a link.

If you do all of the above you will get more new readers and friends than you will have time to communicate with. Just from my personal experience, I have been here for a month, and I already spend all my free time answering comments and personal emails.

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You have my permission to use this content in any way you wish, repost it, copy and paste it, share with fiends, do anything you wish as long as you do not charge money for information that I shared with you here for FREE. If you happen to make a profit from it, oh well.

Wish you all the success in your venture

Love, Health, and Wealth

Yours truly,
Alex Moses

45 thoughts on “Top 7 Blog Marketing Secrets Revealed

  1. Must admit Alex, I don’t use social media as much as I should. Might have to look into using Google+ and a better way of using FB. Thanks for the tips.

    1. You are welcome, you are one of the best active users in WordPress community, it is great to get good blogger following, but not good to get more exposure outside of WordPress community.
      By being active in WordPress community not good enough for Google to place on their first page.
      Search engines look for people come from outside community, like direct searches and social media connections to your page, based how popular you are they rate you and place you on their search pages.
      There are a lot of tricks of the trade how to build a good SEO, but this articles has 7 main.
      Love, Health, and Happiness,
      Alex Moses

      1. Build following of people who will take action, and continue my work after I’m gone.
        It took me 30 years of pain and suffering to put it together I do not want it to go to waste :(

  2. I often wonder how many people actually read posts. I guess most people blog for themselves more as a diary or a way of connecting with others outside of their normal circle. I also appreciate the way you broke the social media groups into points but I like to write and I find that connecting on sites such as google+, facebook and linked in only leads to me wasting time. I have never gained many followers from any time I spent on these sites, so now I have gone back to concentrating on my blogs (mudpilewood. & simply for my own sanity and to allow me to actually step outside the door and live.

    1. we all here for different reasons, my goal is to share the knowledge that it took me 30 years to gain. I want to share it with as many people as I can.
      If you write as a therapy that is great as well.
      Love, Health, and Happiness,
      Alex Moses

    2. I did not answer if anybody reads my posts, according to my email followers, you can see email number counter subscription on the right it is almost 3,000 people, and I am here just a little over a month.

    1. Use whatever works for you! Twitter did not work for me, it does not mean, that it is any less effective.
      When I helping new business I do not use what worked for me, I help them to identify what will work for them and what they will be comfortable to use

  3. Well I can see I have to get to work Alex :)
    I can see I’d benefit from a lot more time on WP blogs, and the FB thing sounds like a winner.
    I’m slowly piecing together a post for you – remember you asked me two or three weeks back? I haven’t forgotten.

  4. Some great information and the value of sharing is appreciated!
    I have been building my content over time but I feel your advice will allow my content to grow further…Thank you

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