Love Uncertainty

Certainty is a disease that everyone is addicted to. This is a delusion, an imaginary state. No one can offer any certainty to anyone, although they surely try. Become fearless, confident and certain in the face of uncertainty and people will feel attracted to your anergy.

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Alex Moses
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6 thoughts on “Love Uncertainty

  1. Certainty is a societal norm that most of us seek. Follow others, do what others do, and it will bring certainty to your life. For most. For many. It was a part of the baby boomers generation. Grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, retire. Certainty at its best.

    Being married or having the same partner for decades.
    Staying at one job for years, decades till they retire.
    Living in the same home for decades.
    Same friends for years.

    All certainties in life. Not guarantees but certainties of a generation now lost. How blissful that must be! How I envy such security, while they might glance at my life and see it as being so rich with change and adventure. For there are no certainties I have lived. I have set out to seek them as my generation did, only to find…well….uncertainty.

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