Spirituality And The Law Of Consistency

There is a duality that exists in every human being.  The Ying or Yang, honesty or deceit, peace or war, the list is long.

Why you ask?  It just is.  In each of us is the ability to love or to hate.  To create beauty or to destroy.  Sometimes they occur simultaneously.

How can that be?  Well, first of all no one is perfect, so that is not what I am striving for you to look at.  So in order to attempt to address these dualities that exist, I want to talk about coming at a situation, be it relationship, business, an endeavor, or  life, with Spirituality in mind.

Spirituality in this context is not about religion.  It is not about believing that it has to be a God or no God.  As I address this, it is about approaching things as if we are  holistically, intrinsically, physically, and spiritually bound together, knowing  we need each other to survive.  This is true for the interactions of humans, animals, and the earth.  The elements, or atoms of nature are so banded together, that if one part is neglected or harmed, it does not take long for distress to show up in another.

There are many gifts of Spirituality.  Kindness, patience, concern, and love (which is noted as the greatest), that if we’re connected, lead to actions of honesty, integrity, morals, respect, and fairness to name a few.   In incorporating spirituality, a verb leads to an adjective.  The descriptive to to an action. It is the melding of the words with the actions that create a cohesive world, a world with meaning.

Spirituality brings meaning to our lives, our interactions, our values, our worth because in spirituality we are not seeking for self we are seeking for the good of the whole.  If I am aware of and walking with spiritual intent, I am seeking the best outcomes for not only myself, but for mankind and the earth.  I do not seek the wealth, the deal, being superior, manipulative or in control, but I attune myself in creating a relationship that is good for all.  In seek small things to change, such as attitudes, how I judge an individual, my nonverbal or verbal exchanges or alternative ways of seeking a goal that impacts others.  I begin to allow the law of consistency, in seeking a spiritual balance to direct the path.

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4 thoughts on “Spirituality And The Law Of Consistency

  1. This was very enligthen. You have stretched my mind regarding spiritual growth. I have realized a few questions to seek answers to. Thank you for sharing. This was great!

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