Easy Ways to Have a More Positive Outlook in Life

There will be a point in our life when everything will feel so wrong. Like everyone around your does not understand what you are going through. They will think that you are making a fool out of yourself. That what you are feeling right now is not worth the fuss that you are doing. During the lowest point in your life, what you need to think is that you will get over this soon and that this is just a challenge that was given to you and that you are capable of facing it. The internet is the place where you can seek help; you can look for self-help articles, online real psychic mediums and even blogs where the writers would impart their pieces of advice when they were on the same situation as you.

We did a list that you can follow if you will be in this situation. We certainly hope that whatever it is that you are experiencing, this list can ease the burden that you have on your shoulders.

  • Embrace Life.

Sometimes, life will be unfair and hard to you. You will see people around you getting and achieving their dreams in a breeze while you struggle with what you are right now. Just embrace the moment and do not focus on trivial matters. Focus on what is more important. Remember that life is the real thing; it is not a rehearsal on what is supposed to happen. Be brave and courageous with the decision that you are going to take; this decision will later on be an impact for your personal growth. Do not think that life will change to benefit you. You should start to change life as soon as you can.

  • Share your bliss.

Happiness is contagious. You may not be the one who will be feeling low, but if you are feeling extra happy, why not share it to the world? Do what you need to do to cheer them up. It can be a simple thing like sending them an uplifting message or a funny video. People know when to appreciate happiness and positivity and the more you share and reinforce it, the more you know that it is being applied in your own life. Be nice to every person that you will interact with. Compliment your co-worker for a job well done on the presentation. Hug your parents or your children and tell them how much you love them. This may sound really common but a simple act of kindness would normally go a long, long way.

Sometimes, we get too distracted with what is going on around us, we tend to be trapped in negativities and dwell in them. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and there is always a rainbow after the rain. Most of the time, you have to look for our silver lining and there are times that you really have to look hard. Once you found your motivation to move on and to overcome your challenge, you will then look back a few years from now and you will realize that it was a lesson that you have to understand. These silver linings may come in the form of an advice from a person very dear to your heart, a book or sometimes, an unsolicited comment from a random person. Everything that you are experiencing is a lesson where you need to learn, whether it is good or bad.


  • You are more than enough.

There will be times that you might ask for more than what you currently have for you to feel happy. You tend to compare yourself with someone else, which is not a bad thing. You may draw inspiration from that person for you to aim higher on your dreams. Focus on what you have instead of what you are lacking, you will realize that you have more than enough. Look around you and appreciate the love of the people who care for you. You will always have enough.

You are beautiful, inside and out. Accept all your flaws and everything that you are. Focus on the beautiful things that are happening around you. Having a positive outlook in life will always start with loving yourself. There is always beauty inside you; it was just covered by things that hid it from your eyes which would be the reason why you are feeling all of these mixed emotions. Do not pretend to be someone that is not you. You might lose your friends and their trust in the long run.

  • Keep calm and enjoy the ride.

There will always be bad days. There will always be a person who would cut you in line, or in traffic. There will be officemates who will annoy you until you reach your boiling point. There will be rude cashiers and waiters who will spill food at you. Take a deep breath and relax. Remember that you are responsible for you own action and that you will be on the losing end if you will be the first to lose your cool. Be calm and be content with the journey to life. It has no guarantees and your every waking moment is already a blessing. Have a conscious effort to enjoy what life has to offer and be thankful.

Your path towards your happy ending is not a smooth sailing one. There will be a bump or a hole that would remind you to slow down. You have the choice to be happy and to live your life to the fullest. Appreciate the good things and do not look back on the bad things. Choose the people you would like to be on this journey. Stop basing your life with other people’s opinion because you are you. Always keep in mind that you can do anything you put your mind to.

For comments and suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

Images by Unsplash and geralt under CC0 Public Domains.



11 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Have a More Positive Outlook in Life

  1. Great article , Mr Alex . I stopped to thank you as this post of mine sparked that little bird in me to look at life twice with Positivity & hope. I’m a great believer of hope, God & optimistic things..but sometimes u fail to remember & go too far beyond your edge zones & do not look back to see that greatness & reminder you left behind. I have been feeling quite low these days. Low & fragile. But this post of yours rejuvenated me all of a sudden. While I’m typing , there’s a small wide smile on my face. You don’t know how better I feel today , after reading this. Thank u once again

  2. A really lovely post with some simple but totally do-able points. Imagine if we all actually lived like this, what a great world it would be. Great stuff – thanks for sharing :)

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