What is The Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life? Most of us sooner or later face this question. I know this question has left me with a lot of sleepless nights. If you had a chance to read my story, you should know how much pain and suffering I had to face. My life was a non-stop roller coaster that forced me to start over and over again, and kept me learning new things to sustain my level of income.

One sleepless night I finally realized that the answer to such a complicated question, one that some people spend their whole life trying to understand, is very simple; the only true value in life is a “Life Purpose,” something that we owe to ourself to achieve. That’s what makes your life full, gives you motivation to get out of bed in the morning and something to look forward to.

Life without a purpose is empty and has no value to ourselves or people around us. We need to stay busy; otherwise we will fall into a depression or just settle for living a routine life until our days are over. Every day just a boring day when we work so hard to find a way to kill time by watching TV, browsing the internet, or talking on the phone. By the end of the day, we realize that we achieved nothing, but we are tired and ready to go to sleep. It’s the same in life: without purpose we are looking for way to kill time one day, week, month, or year at a time, and then we look back and realize life is almost over.

I am not trying to depress you. On the contrary, I am trying to wake you up, so you can understand it is time to find your purpose in life, so you can live your life with passion and love, and stop just looking for meaning but living it. It also will improve your self-esteem and will give you confidence in tomorrow, and finally will make you happy.



24 thoughts on “What is The Meaning of Life?

  1. Your purpose is always in your heart and has always been. Thanks for sharing.
    By the way – My whole existence has been very bad and totally wrong up until 4 years ago when I finally found my purpose: To inspire others to a life of quality.

  2. So very true Alex. We all need a purpose and some of us spend our whole lives trying to work out what it is. I’m one of those but I think I’m on the right path. Thanks for an inspiring post.

  3. Love this topic! I kept missing the boat when it came to Life Purpose. It was calling me for years, yet I turned a deaf ear (for many reasons). Partly, and this is not to place blame, for it is what it is. I came from a generation where you didn’t chase dreams, or follow your heart. That was never instilled information that was something I learned. You got a…dare I say the word, a JOB! Ug! Everyone needs a job, of course! But it is so easy to get sucked into that mundane existence of just going thru the motions of life, ignoring your heart. How can you make a living, following your heart? Right? And what purpose does it serve to work at jobs that bring about no life meaning or purpose at all?

    It has been a whirlwind of a journey for me. Fighting against the traditions and box thinkers of my generation bestowed upon me from family and societal teachings. But what a journey it has been! And what a life experience I can share!

    Today, after so much, I follow my heart! I dare to go out there and live each day to the fullest, only seeking what interests me, what excites me, what makes me jump out of bed in the morning and have a day like no other! If I fail, then I learn and know new things about my journey and my quest for life purpose. This, in turn, offers a meaningful life to others when I share those experiences!

    Great topic!

    1. Love your comment, but let me disagree on couple of pints, just based on my personal experience:
      You do not need to have a job, me or most of my friends and family never had a job. I can not imagine myself working for someone else.
      “If you do what you were meant to do, you will never have a need for food, worry about roof over your had or shirt on your back” Jesus Christ

      1. I have yet to experience such utopia. Working on it though and determined to do what I love to do. So much easier then it is said.
        Most of us, according to statistics, about 80% of the population works at ‘jobs’. Work they don’t like! And most will never venture out to seek the change to find enjoyment from a meaningful and purposeful life/work.

        Consider yourself and your friends to be more then lucky!

      2. What is it that you do for a living Alex?

        Always curious as to these people who speak about a life where they don’t go to a job, but only do work they love. Or the classic example of someone who just quits their job and runs off to the caribbean to start a new life. I mean, what is that! It is not reality!
        Call me a skeptic, but I don’t believe it! There is an untold story behind those stories.

        Also, as a skeptic goes. Sometimes getting people out of their own way, involves alot of clean up from the past. Trauma, dysfunction in families, severe mental health disorders, addictions, etc.

        These matters are not for coaches to be addressing. It is my belief that a qualified and trained professional should be addressing these issues with a client. Then, maybe they can move on to a Coach.

        Not to be rude, but I have seen alot of this with coaches, thinking they can handle such problems, and the outcome is worse then when they started.

        Coaching is great! It is a guiding light and offers a objective insight to a person’s life, to help them on the path they seek out. No doubt. But let’s be careful about what clients you take on, it could be more damaging then helpful.

        And let’s be realistic about what coaches can really do. I hate to see unrealistic conjectures promised for pure marketing purposes.

      3. I am retired, money come to me in amounts that I need at the time when I need it, and thats how I lived for the last 15 years, I am considered to be upper middle class, driving luxury car, visiting best places on earth and living in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.
        I do not coach or teach anyone, do not believe I have skills or abilities to do either one.
        I guide people based on what worked for me, thats the best I can do…
        Everything you need to know in 13 Step to Awakening course, it is free of charge for everyone to work on.
        Skeptic is a nice word for negative.
        If you want to change your fortune turn from negativity to love, and from asking to giving. Follow all the laws in 13 Steps To Spiritual Awakening, and your life will change guaranteed, everyone else’s changed who took the course.

      4. Thank you for sharing your status in life, as well as your coaching style and approach.

        Sorry Alex but I am feeling defensive by your response. I feel that your creating labels about me, without knowing me at all.
        How do you know I’m not already a giving, positive person who comes from love?

        I am not a negative person just because I mention the word skeptic and struggle with the unrealities of hype on the internet.
        Also, just because a person is less fortunate in money does not mean that we are automatically a negative person who hasn’t given enough and is not a loving person.
        This is an assumption that I am so tired of hearing. You wouldn’t meet a more giving person then me. The person I need to be more giving to, is myself. By giving to others when one has very little to begin with is not the answer to financial abundance!

        Some of the most giving people I know and have met in this lifetime are people who have little to give. And I don’t mean that people with financial wealth don’t give to others.
        I also have seen the meanest, most complaining, fearful, negative people who are stingier then Scrooge himself, get everything they ever wanted.

        That is why, in this department, I call myself a skeptic. Meaning I don’t believe that giving and being positive and coming from love creates abundance. It certainly is something I live by, and it is part of who I am, but it does not mean it will automatically create abundance. Although, I still choose to be a loving person, and be optimisitic about my future and finding abundance.

        Life is a crap shoot. No one knows why misfortune happens to the best people and good fortune happens to mean people. No one can explain that.

        I am a realist.

        I have persevered through the quest to find more abundance in my life more than anybody I know! People are often inspired by how long I have been purusing this quest, and am in awe over how I never give up!!! And NO ONE can explain, including those that know me most, why I have not had success in this department.

        I have sought out coaches, healers, therapists, doctors, human resource trainers, been to dozens of seminars, read book after book (and taken the actions steps), prayed, went to church, sought out spiritual guidance, and much more. None of it has resulted in abundance for me. In fact, it is created a hole in my pocket book, with no results.
        However, I did make one discovery, and it was on a quest to create more abundance in my life, and I have found that to be the core answer.

        Get the facts first about a person’s life, before making assumptions about what they need to improve on.

        This is what I dislike about coaching! It is a generic approach, instead of an individual plan for each person. There is inevitably a different circumstance for each person. Being able to hear their story I believe to be crucial to coming up with a plan. One sweater does not fit all! It might fit ‘most people’.

      5. If you need money it is very easy, just earn it,
        Everyone I know , including me generate income by delivering huge value to clients.
        The reason Bill Gates wealthy, not because he was praying for it, because his products are use by everyone on this planet.
        Warren Buffett second richest man because he made his clients more money than anyone else on this planet, he charges a small fee for his services and that small fee still huge amount of money that place him right behind Bill Gates.
        There is only one way generating money that I know of, is by delivering value that is above and beyond of compensation you seek in return.
        If you want to know exactly how I generate money, I can tell you,
        I help people build new businesses that generate enough income for my clients to be happy and financially comfortable, and they pay me a small percent from the money they generate with my help.
        To be more specific I guarantee them 1,000 percent on their investment when banks offer about 2 percent on their investment.

        I hope I was clear enough on your question: how to make money?

      6. About giving: Bill Gates donates about a billion dollars each year and saves on an average 10,000 lives every single year.
        In order to be a giving person you should have something of a value to give. Poor person can help thousands of people, in most cases the/she can not even help self.
        I have a lot of people come to me to help them to make money but are not willing to do the work. I have never met a single person who is hard working and deliver huge value to people around them who struggle financially…

        Here is the simple model, all you need to know how to make as much money as you wish:

        VALUE – what can you offer to people, that would make them happy to give you their hard earn money in return with smile on their face, huge gratitude and keep coming back for more

  4. What a message! Loved the read!
    An awakening call to what life is all about, to have a purpose. Great post Alex! – Cezane

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