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At the age of 10, I was playing with fireworks, when suddenly – BOOM! – It exploded in my hands, burning both of my eyes and leaving me 100% blind. I found myself in enormous pain and completely terrified. My parents took me to the best doctors in the country, and after a lot of pain and suffering for half a year, my vision was finally restored.

At the age of 14, I got flu that turns into tuberculosis. I was in so much pain for 3 months that I wished for death just to release myself of suffering from this disease.

By the age of 16 my life was finally on a good track. Suddenly the country I was citizen of at the time, decided to go on unjust war. I didn’t feel like killing innocent civilians, so I became a refugees and flew to Austria living out on a perfect life. After about a month, I moved to Italy, country with less immigration regulations and restrictions.

So here comes the new life of a 17-year-old kid in Rome, Italy. I was sitting on a sidewalk and crying in frustration of what just happened in my life. Only a month before, I was blessed with money, respect and popularity & suddenly I was homeless in a country where I did not know anyone neither speak the language, nor even had any legal paperwork to be in. Two weeks later, Not only I figured out a way how to generate income, and even hired people to help me. A year later, I finally immigrated to the US and settled in San Jose, CA, USA.

At the age of 23, I moved to Indianapolis, IN. Where I found my first sales job as life insurance agent, with good survival skills under my belt, I quickly became one of the top agents. After only 7 month in the business, I was promoted to a new position as a director of recruiting.

At the age of 26, I was on top of the world. One evening I was watching TV after hard day of work, when suddenly I got the worst headache I’ve ever experienced in my life. My left hand & foot started shaking & I was having a stroke. It took me completely out of my game for a year and ended up costing me the best job I thought I could have at the time.

At the age of 27, I moved to Los Angeles, CA, and started my life all over again. It was the late 90s and the IT industry was booming. I borrowed money and started attending a Information Technology trade school to learn Software development. Within a month after graduating, I got my first job. My career once again began to advance rapidly. A year later, I was already an owned an IT company, working with major companies like Coca Cola and Lancôme. As a founder of the company I had to train clients on a daily basis. I became so good at teaching that I to decided start my own trade school as well, that taught software development.

Suddenly in 2001, the IT bubble burst. Since there were no IT projects available and I still had quite a bit of savings to live off, I decided to take a break and go traveling. After all, maybe this is what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT! I visited Paris, Amsterdam, and most of the Europe. I took vacations to Jamaica, Mexico just living the high life–until I realized that I was going through my savings way too fast. I started looking for a new source of income. This time around, it was not as easy as I thought it would be and thats when a second stroke hit me & put me out of commission for another year.

When I recovered, the only job I could have was in car sales. Once again, I found myself being really good at it. Without going into details, I ended up being so good at it, that only after two months in the business; I was hired to work at a high-end dealership selling Ferraris, where the average salesperson had at least five years of experience in high-end car sales before they were even considered.

I was once again doing pretty well, making good money until one of my clients liked me so much that he offered me an opportunity to work with him as a 50/50 partner running a legal businesses.

A few years later I started my own business as a marketing consultant. Once again, everything was going great and guess what?

One day my back went out, and I became completely paralyzed. Not only I couldn’t work, neither not even go to the bathroom on my own or even move my hand without crucial pain. I was lost again in the tragedies of life.

By now I was 100% sure that my life was trying to tell me something. My back problem gave me a lot of time to think about my life and what to do with it, since there was not much else I could do.

First, I realized that I had always been chasing money instead of true happiness. As soon as I got financially comfortable, something would happen to take it away from me because my life was centered on the financial chase and nothing more. Even when I was making a lot of money, deep down I was still stressed out, unsatisfied and unhappy with my life, which was the cause of my medical problems.

The doctors recommended the back surgery but when I researched it, I learned that only 50% patients recovered from this surgery have no pain.

I am a very driven person and since traditional medicine wasn’t the answer, I decided to go “nontraditional” mind over body rout.

Miraculously, against all doctors’ predictions, I was walking pain-free a month later. THIS WAS MY BIG MOMENT. Suddenly, everything was coming into focus and becoming crystal-clear as I began realizing that all of these setbacks had actually been lessons serving a higher purpose, and help me develop a miracle method that can improve peoples lives.

I have applied the same method to fix my financial status, and that was the last time I had to worry about money or had any stress. I have finally figured out the way to help people to find themselves, and improve their quality of life. Eight years later, I am still happy doing what I love, living with the love of my life, and enjoying my life to the fullest, pain-free and in the best shape of my life. I have found the MEANING and the PURPOSE of my life:  helping people just like you transform their lives from fear of uncertainty to love and prosperity.

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Published Author with “Marketing and Customer’s Relationship”

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13 Keys to Transformation

13 Steps to Happiness

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