Alex Moses Story

At the age of 10, I was playing with fireworks, when suddenly – BOOM! – it
exploded in my hands, burning both of my eyes and leaving me 100% blind.
My parents took me to the best doctors in the country and after a lot of pain
and suffering for almost a year, my vision was restored.

At the age of 14, I got severe flu that turned into tuberculosis. I was in so
much pain for 3 months that I asked God to let me die and release me of
suffering from this horrible disease.

At the age of 26, I suddenly got the worst headache I had ever experienced in
my life. My left hand & foot started shaking. I was having a stroke. It took a year for me to recover.

At the age of 27, as soon as I recovered from a stroke I moved to Los
Angeles, CA and started my life all over again. It was the mid-90s and the
Information Technology industry was booming. I went back to school to
become a software developer. After graduation, I immediately found a job and
my career began to advance rapidly. A year later I started my own internet
company.  In 2001 I received an offer to sell my company for a huge amount
of money, so I did it and decided to retire. I began traveling and living the high
life; I visited Paris, Amsterdam, Jamaica, Mexico. That’s when a second
stroke hit & put me out of commission for another year.

Everything was going great for 10 years or so, and I built a successful trade
school that became the second most profitable in the industry, and guess what?

One day my back went out and I became completely paralyzed. Not only
could I not work, I couldn’t even move my hands or legs without crucial pain.
By then I was 100% sure that God was trying to tell me something. My back
problem gave me a lot of time to think about life and what to do with it, since
there was not much else I could do at that time. I realized that I had always
been chasing money instead of true happiness. As soon as I would reach a
set financial goal, something bad would happen to me. Even though I was making a lot of money, deep down I was not fulfilled. Unhappy and always very stressed, I realized this could have been the cause of all of my medical problems.

Doctors recommended back surgery but based on my research I learned that
only 50% of patients after this type of surgery get rid of back pain. I am a very
driven person and since traditional medicine wasn’t the answer, I decided to
go “nontraditional”; the mind over body route. Using a lot of information
available online, I developed my own system to heal back issues.
Miraculously, against all doctors’ predictions, I was walking pain-free a month later.

THIS WAS MY BIG MOMENT. Suddenly, everything was coming into focus
and becoming crystal-clear as I began realizing that these setbacks had been
lessons serving a higher purpose: to help me develop a miraculous method
that can improve peoples’ health, love and financial problems. I figured out the way to help people find themselves and improve the quality of their lives. Thats how Alex Moses’s Method of education was born.

Nine years later, I am still doing what makes me happy {Teaching The Course}; living with the love of my life and enjoying every day to the fullest, pain-free and in the best shape of my life. I have found the MEANING and the PURPOSE of my life: helping people just like you transform their lives from fear of uncertainty to love and prosperity.

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